Providing Lavazza Ground Coffee by the Seashore

Forget selling seashells; for decades I’ve wanted to have a little coffee house close to the shore, in a peaceful little town filled with locals and out-of-towners. I picture the early morning light as the sun rises above the ocean, as the first aroma of Lavazza ground coffee begins to waft on the morning breeze. The seagulls whirling, looking for their breakfast, remind me with a smile of my devoted daily customers, still not completely awake and searching for their own morning fix.

The place is minimal and enjoyable, located in a restored structure that previously accommodated businesses of a more sea-faring character. Perhaps it was the offices of the communities shipping merchant, or possibly the haunt of a local tavern that filled the nights with sea chanteys and tales of brave Ulysses. It’s exciting to wonder as I start another day in paradise, serving up Lavazza ground coffee along with warm croissants and cinnamon buns.

Out front, the coffee shop’s porch begs for company, and gets it often as early rising guests get their cup of fresh brewed coffee out to savor the flavor in the morning air. These early customers are the die-hards; coffee is a requirement to open up their eyes, and they savor the moment of that first taste.

Because my shop is situated close to the entrance of a quaint “village” of gift shops, restaurants and traveler outfitters, the second flow of customers consists largely of shopkeepers and their employees, dropping by for a short bit of local news along with their Lavazza ground coffee to go. They never linger, but quickly hurry on their way to open shop and prepare themselves for another day of retail work.

Soon after in the morning, the tempo slows and the customers that come through the door are a bit sunburnt, some giddy with the eagerness of being on holiday, others more completely relaxed after having spent a few days in the sea air. They hover over the chalkboard menu, selecting to treat themselves to that decadent cafe mocha or chocolate croissant. They arrive pairs or groups of three, arming themselves for a morning of shopping. With Lavazza ground coffee in their hands, and plates filled with freshly-baked treats, they go for the tables out back by the duck pond and settle down to take pleasure in the moment.

The off-season is the timeperiod I love best; as the tourists (and their cash) are briefly on break, the locals have more availability to converse, to catch up after the chaotic summer period, and to really enjoy the beauty of our chosen home by the sea, while we sip our Lavazza ground coffee. The air is cooler now in the mornings, the silver white clouds scudding by as if searching for their harbor. Still, the sun comes through as the fog burns off, and the day promises to warm as the clock advances toward afternoon.

A wonderful day in paradise begins with Lavazza ground coffee in my little coffee shop by the sea. Funny how clearly I can see it all; the shop itself, the wooden chairs on the porch, the duck pond in the back, the loving and friendly faces of my friends from town, who savor a great cup of coffee and a great conversation as much as I do.