How The Clink Got Into The Drink

In my unending quest to learn everything about wines, I recently bought a book entitled ?Curiosities of Wine? by Pamela Vandyke Price. It was displayed in this local bookstore I frequent, and cost less than my usual cup of joe. As a browse through its pages, I encountered this two pages article on how ?the clink? got into the drink. It tells a story of how toasts and cheers came about.

Long time ago in Mount Olympus, Dionysus- God of Wines- requested the Seven Senses to enjoy a banquet with him. His butler, Bacchus, poured lavishly all the best wines in the world nonetheless not all senses seem satisfied. Animation encouraged people to dance around. The sense of Feeling was busy sucking through generous mouthfuls of wines. Armed with his handy notebook, the sense of Speech is preoccupied with his conversation with a couple of wine writers. The sense of Taste was amiably greeting the entire guest and sampling all the wines he could get a hand on. Sight held his glass on the sunshine, admiring the play of light through the delicious drink. Smell, on the other hand, was making curious noises as he sniff the ripe bouquet. All the senses are busy, quite happy- except grumpy-old Hearing.

He protested that he could not get anything from the wine. The sense of Hearing cannot fathom or enjoy the wine. He could not hear it. There is nothing for him in the table, well unless someone breaks a glass or drops down from over consumption of the beverage. Upon hearing such plight, Dionysus brought two glasses up to Hearing and both of them sang pleasantly. ?See?? said the God of Wine. ?Whether it?s glass against glass, beaker against beaker, crock against crock- this is the music of those who love wine! Cheers!?

With this Hearing become quite happy and satisfied. And this is one version on how the clink got into the drink.

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